When I moved to London, I was super keen to get some wall art that really suited my tastes and interests. But after hours of scouring the inter web, I was left empty handed and dejected.

So I started to play around with some concept pieces, for music I like, done in a style I like. “I Leave My Rage to the Sun and the Sea” is a piece inspired by Laura Marling’s lyrics and my love for the sea side. It takes pride of place in my living room, so it’s only right that it has pride of place here.

After doing this, I started doing other pieces, for films and other genres and then it sort of snowballed. Now you can even buy some of pieces here.

Cloud-City-Framed.jpg Kings-Landing_Framed.jpg Hill-Valley.jpg Gotham_Framed.jpg Cantona-Wall-Art.jpg While-My-Guitar-Gently-Weeps.jpg I-Leave-My-Rage.jpg Mr-Dave-Design_tennis-girl.jpg Mr-Dave-Beatles-Faces.jpg Imagine.jpg Mr-Dave_Bicycle-Print.jpg