There is something about the t-shirt.  It’s timeless, it reflects our personality, our tastes, our interests. There is no item of clothing quite like it and this is why I love designing them.

I’ve been designing clothing, specifically t-shirts, for 5 years now.

I’ve got experience in designing awesome full colour graphic print t-shirts, simple logo t-shirts and slogan t-shirts.

Mr-Dave-Design_Cantona-Colour-Portrait.jpg Mr-Dave-Design-Skull.jpg Ash_T-Shirt_Flat_dT-World-Cup-Team.jpg Swing-Low_White.jpg Ash_T-Shirt_Flat_The-Only-Trophy-We-Won-e1438037862748.jpg Mr-Dave_Beatles-Faces.jpg Mr-Dave-7-Crown.jpg Mr-Dave_Mass-Media.jpg Black_T-Shirt_Flat_Rugby-Fan-Packaging.jpg Mr-Dave-Occams-Razor.jpg Mr-Dave-Six-Nations.jpg mr-Dave-Never-be-old-enough.jpg